Window / Door Sensor (MRC1)

The Magnum Door / Window Sensor helps provide energy savings for an area by detecting when a door or window opens or closes.

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Basic Operation

The battery-free window / door contact Mx-MRC1 powers itself from a solar cell and stores the energy for night operation. A signal is transmitted when the contact is opened or closed. Every fifteen minutes, a signal indicating the current status is also transmitted.

Part Numbers (Frequency Dependant) : M8-MRC1 (868 MHz) / M9-MRC1 (902 MHz) / MJ-MRC1 (928MHz)

The window / door contact and the magnet must be located next to each other when the window or door is closed. They may not be spaced more than .31” apart. Double-sided tape or screw mounting.



  • Retrofits
  • New construction
  • Classrooms
  • Conference rooms
  • Dorm / Hotel rooms
  • Offices
  • Daycare Facilities

Solar-Powered Energy Accumulator

Before startup the energy accumulator must be charged. The charging time is approximately 5-10 minutes in daylight or artificial light. Although a full charge will take approximately 24 hours. For testing purposes or for operating the device, the Mx-MRC1 needs to be charged several hours in daylight or artificial light.


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